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Legacy Planning

Client Centered

As you phase into retirement and begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor, do you have a desire to pass on generational wealth? You have worked hard through the beginning years, raising a family, advancing in your career and now have accumulated assets. Anna will help you discuss the possibility of estate erosion and together explore tax efficient and effective ways to maximize your legacy to your loved ones or charities.

<p>What's My Potential Estate Tax?</p>

What's My Potential Estate Tax?

This calculator helps estimate your federal estate tax liability.
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<p>Test Your Estate Strategy Knowledge</p>

Test Your Estate Strategy Knowledge

Estate management can help ensure that your assets are transferred according to your wishes while managing tax issues.
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<p>When Do You Need a Will?</p>

When Do You Need a Will?

When do you need a will? The answer is easy: Right Now.
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